A Review of the Basic Types of Earthmoving Equipment

Posted By Tammy Harvey on Oct 22, 2021 |

It may be surprising but Earthmoving Equipment is one of the most important components of any construction or real estate project. They are the machines that move the earth and the materials that are needed for construction, agriculture and other industries. Using these equipment does not only ensure a safe and smooth excavation; it also helps to reduce labour cost and improve productivity in the long run. In fact, the more excavators you have on your property the more productive your construction project will become.

Of course not all construction equipment requires the use of earthmoving equipment but there are some industries that greatly benefit from them. In fact, many farmers and landowners who have small or irregularly sized plots need to transport their produce from one place to another. The typical load in this case would be between three to five tonne of products that need to be transported long distances. This makes the heavy-duty trucks and machinery used in this industry very useful indeed.

Just as important are the areas where road building and asphalt pavements require excavation. The typical large excavator used for this purpose is the Backhoe. Although smaller models are available it is important to get one that is designed and built for digging in soils of different thicknesses. An excavator that can dig both light and heavy soil is essential for any construction project.

Another kind of earth moving equipment that is commonly used is the excavator or bulldozer. These machines are great for clearing fields where it is necessary to have access for workers but it also works well in larger landscapes. Excavators and bulldozers can perform various tasks that include lifting and moving. Some of the common tasks performed by Excavators and bulldozers include digging foundations for houses and other buildings, demolishing buildings where there have been previous occurrences of theft, trenching, paving, grading and many other soil handling tasks.

When hiring any type of earth moving equipment company it is imperative to do a thorough check to make sure they hire certified professionals. While it is possible to be trained on how to operate some machines it may not always be the case when working with larger equipment like excavators and bulldozers. It is essential to make sure the company has certified personnel on staff who are qualified and capable of operating the various pieces of heavy equipment on site. Additionally, any certified company will be able to provide proof of insurance which will protect both the employer and any employees who are involved in any type of accident on site.

There are two main types of earthmoving equipment that anyone should familiarize themselves with. One is the backhoe while the other is the heavy equipment loader. There are benefits to using both including the fact that a backhoe can make a faster and more efficient excavation while also being able to dig into difficult to reach areas. In addition, a backhoe is excellent for grading roads as well as grading an asphalt driveway. On the other hand, a loader is best used for excavation sites. Excavators are needed for clearing ditches, grading roads, and grading sod, while a liugong excavator is often needed for digging large holes.

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