Questions To Ask About Scuba Diving

Posted By Tammy Harvey on Dec 2, 2017 |

One of the most popular activities to undertake in Australia is scuba diving. Fun, exciting, and thrilling, scuba diving has become a staple for many adventurers. But before you grab your gear and get ready, we have a couple of vital questions that you should ask a professional scuba diver company or scuba dive shops, so you have all the information you need before undertaking this awesome activity!

How many types of diving experiences are there? 

Well, that all comes down to what you want, what you are after and what type of experience you have. For beginners, recreational diving is best. It is fun, social and aimed at gaining some experience while having fun. There is also Technical diving, which is for more experienced professionals and deep-sea diving. This is followed by cave diving – an extreme version that requires years of training to be completed.

What is best for me? 

As we mentioned above: it comes down to what you want and what you want to achieve. Are you after fun and excitement? Well, then recreational diving is for you. If you are after learning and facing a more challenging experience, then anything from Technical to Deep-sea diving is the way for you.

Will I be guided or be by myself? 

You will be with a guide! Always. We don’t believe in leaving people by themselves in such testing and challenging situations. It is part of any diving organisation or association to ensure that divers are always together during dives. They ensures safety, security, as well as provide a social aspect.

Will I ever be able to go out on my own? 

Haha! You can, if you want to, but we advise against it. If something goes wrong out on the water by yourself, you are in seriously deep trouble (no pun intended). So always make sure that if you do want to go diving, make a group of friends and make plans.

Can I do across the country or only in Victoria? 

Depending on the type of licence, registration and training courses you have completed, you will be able to dive across the country. But it does depend also on the association and organisation that you are part of – they should be able to help you with your diving requirements and requests.

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