Steps To Take After A Car Accident

Posted By Tammy Harvey on Dec 2, 2017 |

One wrong slip and the next thing you know, you’re in a car accident. Unfortunately, these things happen, but as long as you’re not hurt (or anyone else), then there is nothing to worry about. Yes, you will have to deal with the aftermath of what happens, but we can help you with that. That is why we have created this blog post; simple and easy, we have outlined what you should do right after getting into a car accident (before you get a quote on your car or anything).

Contact Emergency Authorities 

Unfortunately when accidents happen, you have to get authorities involved. It doesn’t have to mean that is it anything major, but police have to make sure there are no problems or issues during the accident. This way, if there are any follow-ups down the line they have a record to help – you or the other person or object that you have been involved with. Records will help you in the long run, so always contact the authorities.

Contact Your Insurance Company

We are sure that your car is insured – and if it isn’t, what are you thinking? Having your car is insured is vital in today’s world. They will cover you in any way you see fit (if you pay for it of course). But the benefit of insurance is that any accident that happens; they can repair any damages to your car and any other car that was involved. So right after your accident, contact your insurance company and speak to them about your options – which we will discuss more on that below…

Assess Your Car 

Okay, now that you have got your insurance details on your side, the time is right to assess your vehicle and make a decision on what to do next. Depending on the condition of your vehicle, we have provided you with some solutions:

If your car is completely damaged:

  • Trade it in for cold hard cash by speaking to a cash for cars company. They will pay you money for it regardless of its condition, as they can use the scraps for other vehicles that need parts. They love trading cash for old cars in Melbourne.

If your car is damaged, but can be repaired:

  • Talk to your insurance company and take it to your mechanic. They will repair it for you and all you have to do is pay the excess for the repairs.
  • Sell your vehicle to someone else. With a field of online options, you can put your car for sale and make some great cash from it – after of course, you have repaired it.

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