Top 5 Rock Texture that can be Chosen for Home Flooring and Walls

Posted By Tammy Harvey on Jun 22, 2017 |

Cement cladding is an old way of getting floors and walls done. Now people are more into textured floors with the help of various stones available. Of all the stones and rock textures available, there are five most preferred ones that are used extensively in almost all new homes for the appeal that usually we don’t get to see. Modern homes are full of textured walls and floors and you can’t take your eyes off those beauties. The main ingredients to such finesse are the best professionals at work and the most important one, the material in use.

Top 5 Most Used Material for Floors and Walls

Sandstone: It is one of the most commonly used sedimentary rocks that give the best texture to the walls of any building. If you go to commercial buildings, you will see the use of this rock’s texture more there as they give a professional look to the ambience. A variety of this rock is found; desert yellow-brown, Lalitpur Yellow, Raveena etc. These are a just a few names from the list of many that you can get.

Marbles: We can’t deny the fact that most of the residential building and commercial buildings have marble flooring and walls done for the ease of maintenance. You can easily wipe any stain of it and give it a new look with every wash. They are durable and come in various colours and textures. Moon White and Pink Marble are the two common colours used.

Limestone: This is again another sedimentary rock that is used globally for the impact it has on a plainly constructed building. No matter how simple your home or office looks, add a touch of limestone and voila! You will have the best appearance so far. Most of the public buildings use this texture for the benefit if sustaining under any condition. It keeps the building warm even when the rate of snowfall is higher outside. It keeps any building cosy.

Slate Stone: Slate stone as the name suggests resembles a slate and are in small blocks that when laid on the floor gives a fantastic look to your home. You can find in plain colours and in colours of your choice. The contrast with plain coloured floors is out of the world and no one can give this look to your floor.

Stack Stone: Well, something that will mesmerise anyone is the feel of this stone when put to use. It gives your home the look of urban homes but an archaic feel. These stones are used in contrast and in minimal quantity to brighten up a corner of a room or any part. stack stone by Indus stones are the best and there won’t be an inch of doubt in the quality.

Make your choice for the best look of your home. Indus Stones is one of the top suppliers of various stones for your home and regarded as one of the premium sandstone wholesalers With your home, you can never make a wrong choice as you don’t want to repair and renovate the floor frequently.

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